Miss Pokhara and the Reason Behind Beauty Contest

Miss Pokhara and the Reason Behind Beauty Contest

Miss Pokhara is a beauty pageant which began in 1995 for the girls of Western Development Region. Miss Pokhara has been organized by Pokhara Jaycees since the start and has been a pave way to the field of professional modelling career and direct entry to the national beauty pageant like Miss Nepal.

The pageant has been ran by Pokhara Jaycees, the sister branch to Kathmandu Jaycees which runs the Miss Nepal pageant, since 1994.

Rita Gurung was crowned as the first Miss Pokhara, who ended up as first runner-up in the Miss Nepal 1995 beauty pageant when Pokhara did its debut with a high placement.

Only Neelima Gurung has clinched the Miss Nepal crown in 1997, so far being the only Miss Pokhara to win the crown of Miss Nepal. Miss Pokhara has the second highest number of placements after Miss Kathmandu in Miss Nepal pageant and is ranked second highest among regional contests in terms of placements.

After 13 years, the 6th edition of Miss Pokhara 2013 had been held on March 4, 2013 at the Pokhara City hall. A total of 25 contestants were vying for the crown of Miss Pokhara 2013, Rashmi Adhikari from Goripatan clichned the title with Laxmi GC and Shova KC winning the 1st and 2nd runner ups respectively.

Rasmi Adhikari

More Photos of Rashmi Adhikari will be coming soon in Pokharacity.com

Few Photos of Rashmi Adhikari – Click the thumbnails to view the photos

Details of Rashmi Adhikari while winning the Miss Pokhara 2013
Age: 19
Height: 5′ 9″
Hometown: Ghoripatan
Titles won: Miss Pokhara and Miss Photogenic

Past Miss Pokhara Winners

Year 1995
Miss Pokhara: Rita Gurung
Placement in Miss Nepal: First Runner Up
Special awards at Miss Nepal: None

Year 1996
Miss Pokhara: Binita Gurung
Placement in Miss Nepal: Second Runner Up
Special awards at Miss Nepal: None

Year 1997
Miss Pokhara: Neelima Gurung
Placement in Miss Nepal: Miss Nepal
Special awards at Miss Nepal: Miss Personality

Year 1998
Miss Pokhara: Sunita Ranjit
Placement in Miss Nepal: Top 10 Semifinalists
Special awards at Miss Nepal: None

Year 1999
Miss Pokhara: Kripa Shrestha
Placement in Miss Nepal: 2nd Runner Up
Special awards at Miss Nepal: Miss Photogenic

Glimpse of the Past

Neelima Gurung

1997 Miss Pokhara – Neelima Gurung was the only Miss Pokhara to win Miss Nepal Contest

Miss Pokhara - Sunita Ranjit

Crowning Miss Pokhara Sunita Ranjit by Neelima Gurung (1998)

Kripa Shrestha

1999 Miss Pokhara (blue dress) – Kripa Shrestha won Miss Photogenic in Miss Nepal Contest

The Reasoning Behind Beauty Contests

Any thing or person that attracts your eyes and makes you move around is beauty. There are so many poems and proverbs on beauty. Beauty has the power to rule over anyone. Beauty is such a thing that can always twist our dreams towards it. The competition between good looking young girls to be the beauty queen or Miss World or Miss Universe or something else like that is a beauty contest. The participants claim that the contest makes them bold and more confident. After the participation they also say that they can survive on their own. They may be right, but what kind of confidence and boldness do they build up? To walk semi-naked in front of males or to be proud of themselves to have a chance to show their tender organs to men, are these the signs of confidence and boldness?


Year 2003, Prerana Shah (tallest Miss Nepal till date at 5’11”) was a good rival for Priti Sitoula (right) who won the Miss Nepal Title in the year 2003

On the other hand beauty contest is a competition held by rich person to choose the most beautiful girl or woman from their group. Although it doesn’t seem to be wrong to see or look at the most beautiful woman among the beautiful ones, beauty is not a thing to compare openly. Moreover how can only two or four people judge the secret of beauty? Who can say which one is more beautiful- lily or rose? Can anyone make a decision on it? Beauty is a thing to watch secretly, not a doll to pay with openly.

In conclusion beauty contest always meets the demand of high class people’s interests rather than the most common people in the world. Above all, it is the contest of finding a girl by rich industrialists to sell their products showing a semi-naked body of the girls

By Michael C Miller

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