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Fashion is anything and everything to do with clothing and accessories. It is about creating a style using apparel. Clothing and accessories that are considered “fashionable” include evening gowns, high heels, cocktail dresses, silk blouses, and costume jewellery.

People often develop their own fashion styles too. A brilliant insider’s look at the fashion industry is our lady Aditi for this festive month of December 2013.

aditi-banner-3Aditi’s blog covers fashion, clothing and her personal style. She is one gorgeous fashion blogger from Kathmandu. She is dashing with her unique looks, defined in part by her “sexy lips” and a charming “face”.

Aditi is 22 at present and is studying Bachelors in Information Technology. Including this she works as a part time model too. Colour has always been a great impact in her life and she loves colour as it makes her feel more alive and pretty.

She is new to fashion blogging and this confidence was built up as she wanted to show the “behind-the-scenes” fashion world. She loves to get in touch with the new generation and with an audience either younger or elder than herself. Her blog is full of her beautiful photos and it makes us feel that beauty is all around in life. She combines elegance and creativity in her dresses and showcases her individual style.

Aditi herself is always inspired by celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Audrey Hepburn and Miranda Kerr. She loves their sense of style. She also updates herself by visiting several fashion sites. She has a dream of living in Paris and start off her own clothing line.

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