Avery – Drumming since 2 years of age

Avery – Drumming since 2 years of age

Hello Everyone, I am 7 years old, absolutly LOVE drumming since I was 2 and LOVE KISS and ROCK.

avery molekAvery lives in a small town outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was born on September 11th 2006. Being born on a significant date such as that should have been a tip-off that he was going to be one special kid. Other than dad playing a little guitar, Avery’s parents have no musical background. What they do have is a lifelong love of Rock ‘n’ Roll. So from the minute he came into the world, Avery was always surrounded by great music, and he would be found singing along from his car seat.

At two-years-old, Santa brought Avery one toy guitar and one tiny drum set. From that point on a rock star emerged.

He wanted to watch music videos instead of cartoons, and begged to have mom dress him up and paint his face like the band members of Kiss. He would dance around with his guitar a little, but the drums were like a magnet to him. It seemed like it only took weeks before he was banging along to the rhythm and beat of his favorite songs. As Avery is an only child, his parents couldn’t make comparisons and had no idea that what he was displaying was outside the norm.

The stunned faces in the audience after his day-care talent show at age 3 really got them into gear. They continued to encourage his playing and let him do his thing at home, but over the next year, they did their research, upgraded the drum kit, and a local drum instructor willing to take on a then rambunctious 4-year-old. He started taking one 30-minute lesson per week and was introduced to new skills and techniques which he then applied to the songs he was learning by ear at home. He has recently started to learn to read music.

Pls enjoy the Video of Avery Molek (kid drummer) drumming to “Master of Puppets” by Metallica.

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